Folds, Surface, Space: Sculptural Origami Lab

Saturday, March 17, 2012, 2 pm–3:30 pm    add to my calendar

<p>The 'Hyparhedra Cube,' design and photos courtesy of Demaine, Demaine,<br> and Lubiw.


The 'Hyparhedra Cube,' design and photos courtesy of Demaine, Demaine,
and Lubiw.



Event Information

“Folds, Surface, Space: Exploring Sculptural Forms through Origami” with teaching artist Emily Weiner
Approx. 90 minute session. Paper, paint, and pencil.
Location: Galleries, Learning Lab, West Garden.
Ages 5+, appropriate for the whole family. No prior experience necessary.
Related Dia artists: Richard Serra, John Chamberlain, Imi Knoebel.
*Limited space, reservations are recommended using the link above.


Project Description

About the teacher: Emily Weiner

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