Jo Baer

Jo Baer: The Minimalist Years

September 12, 2002 - June 15, 2003

<p>Jo Baer. <i>The Minimalist Years</i>, 1960-1975. Photo: Bill Jacobson.</p>

Jo Baer. The Minimalist Years, 1960-1975. Photo: Bill Jacobson.


The Minimalist Years, 1960-1975, an exhibition of works by American artist Jo Baer, brings together some twenty paintings and a number of drawings and prints produced in the years she lived in New York City. The exhibition includes a number of Baer's early works, which address the relations of pictorial edge and field and of color and composition, plus more experimental works from the mid-seventies, which explore questions of flatness versus volume, frontality versus multiple vantage points, and objecthood versus illusion.



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