Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, Shadows

December 4, 1998 - June 13, 1999

<p>Andy Warhol, <i>Shadows</i>, 1978. Collection Dia Art Foundation<br>
Photo: Cathy Carver.</p>

Andy Warhol, Shadows, 1978. Collection Dia Art Foundation
Photo: Cathy Carver.


Andy Warhol's monumental series of 102 paintings, Shadows, constitutes the second exhibition in Dia's new facility at 545 West 22nd Street. Acquired in 1979 for Dia's permanent collection, these variously colored silk-screened abstractions are hung edge-to-edge to fill the perimeter of the gallery, in conformity with Warhol's original installation, which he designated as "one painting"



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