Ann Hamilton

Ann Hamilton: tropos

October 7, 1993 - June 19,1994

<p>Photo credit: Thibault Jeanson.</p>

Photo credit: Thibault Jeanson.




Funding for this project has been provided by the Dia Art Council, the major annual support group of Dia Center for the Arts, and the Dia Art Circle. Support for the 1993-94 exhibitions program has also been provided through a generous grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
The realization of a project of this scale is larger than any single effort. It is a process that relies on the commitment and participation of many individuals. Although it is not something you can point to and name, for me, the felt presence that informs this work grows out of the generosity of all who helped. I would like to acknowledge and thank for their support the core community that made this project.

Jim Schaeufele Project Manager, Dia
Sue Patterson Project Manager, Fabric Workshop

Dia Crew:
Vicki Arndt, Neil Benezra, Paul Bloodgood, Lynne Cooke, Steven Evans, Gregory Fortescue, Josh Galef, Chris Lidrbauch, Todd Schroeder, Gary Shakespeare, Ron Wakkary, Connie Walsh, Mechtild Widrich, Colleen Wolstenholm.

Wendy Dembo, Angela Ellsworth, Tamara Embrey, Jennifer Gross, Susan Ingram, Ursula Kalish, Mary Thomas Kelly, Sean Kelly, Kathleen Lewis, Michael Mercil.

Fabric Workshop Crew:
Doina Adam, Cigdem Aritan, Cybele Berret, Doug Bosch, Yane Calovski, Debrah Davidovits, Jennifer Diehl, Kevin Discitello, Scott Fulmer, Christiana Glidden, Steven Griffin, Mark Harle, Lorenzo Rennie Harris, Tian F. Huang, Gabrielle Kanter, Roko Kawai, Allison Kehler, In Sook Kim, Zanetko Kràlòvà, Maria Lee, Tai Lai Li, Jia Yi Liao, Jimmy Liao, Amy Murphy, Rachel Phillips, Cynthia Porter, Leda Ramos, Amy Rawski, Kristine Robinson, Denise Rompilla, Bill Scanga, Jennie Shanker, Terry Sharp, Josie Smith, Paul Struck, Joe Szentivgny, Buffy Ward, Cissy Whittington, Alan Wiener, Tim Wilson, Run Lu Zhong.

Voice: Thom Curley
Sound Engineering: Bob Bielecki
Attendants: Vicki Arndt, Angela Ellsworth, Scott Fulmer, and Connie Walsh

And special thanks to Marion Boulton Stroud, Founder/Artistic Director, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

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