Alighiero e Boetti

May 18, 2013 - February 17, 2014

<p>Alighiero e Boetti, <i>Mappa (Map)</i>, 1972. Dia Art Foundation; 
Gift of Louise and <br>Leonard Riggio. 
© Alighiero Boetti by SIAE / ARS, 2013</p>

Alighiero e Boetti, Mappa (Map), 1972. Dia Art Foundation; Gift of Louise and
Leonard Riggio. © Alighiero Boetti by SIAE / ARS, 2013


A new installation of embroidered works and large-scale works on paper by Alighiero e Boetti will be on view at Dia:Beacon through February 17, 2014. Selected from Dia's collection, the works include Ammazzare il Tempo (1978), Mappa (1972), Opera Postale (1980), Untitled (January-December) (1986), and the groundbreaking Untitled (Victoria Boogie Woogie) (1972), consisting of 5,040 envelopes the artist mailed to himself in Turin from different cities in Italy.



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