Rodney Graham and Bruce Nauman

Rodney Graham and Bruce Nauman: ...the nearest faraway place...

May 10, 2000 - June 17, 2001

<p>Bruce Nauman. <i>Hanging Carousel (George Skins a Fox)</i>, 1988. <br/>Photo: Phillips/Schwab.  

Bruce Nauman. Hanging Carousel (George Skins a Fox), 1988.
Photo: Phillips/Schwab.




Rodney Graham: The Bed Bug Love Buzz (audio CD)

Time was intensifying to the point of becoming alarming, but primarily I was interested in seeing how far it would go. By 1901 I had found that a 10 inch disc playing for three minutes was better for most types of popular music, even popular songs, and the popular 'single' was born. As for myself: I was a lump of thinking ice. I thought of myself as a statue carved from a block of ice and this mad hallucination made me proud with an intense pleasure that is truly secret.......

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