Rodney Graham and Vera Lutter

Rodney Graham and Vera Lutter: Time Traced

November 17, 1999 - June 18, 2000

<p>Vera Lutter, <i>Nabisco Factory</i>, Beacon, I: July 19-22, 1999, 1999.<br />
Silver gelatin print. 93 x 168 inches. Courtesy of the artist.</p>

Vera Lutter, Nabisco Factory, Beacon, I: July 19-22, 1999, 1999.
Silver gelatin print. 93 x 168 inches. Courtesy of the artist.


Like the camera obscura, the pinhole camera was an influential precursor to that most sophisticated of mechanical tools, the modern multilens camera. At a time when it, in turn, is being challenged by newer reproductive technologies, such rudimentary modes of image making are, paradoxically, proving unexpectedly vital. In their recent works, both Canadian artist Rodney Graham and German Vera Lutter draw on these pioneering techniques and historical models to construct vividly arresting representations.



Rodney Graham: The Bed Bug Love Buzz (audio CD)

Time was intensifying to the point of becoming alarming, but primarily I was interested in seeing how far it would go. By 1901 I had found that a 10 inch disc playing for three minutes was better for most types of popular music, even popular songs, and the popular 'single' was born. As for myself: I was a lump of thinking ice. I thought of myself as a statue carved from a block of ice and this mad hallucination made me proud with an intense pleasure that is truly secret.......

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