KAW_24,698 Days (100 Years Calendar)_crop for web

On Kawara

24,698 Days (100 Years Calendar), 2000

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Nauman Shot_2

Bruce Nauman

Body Pressure, 1974

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07_Red_Gothic_Shaped_Drawing_060_crop for web

Walter De Maria

Gothic Shaped Drawing (Red), 1965

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Dorothea Rockburne

Locus, 1972

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Ryman 68.193_crop for web 8 x 10_Medway_c. 1968

Robert Ryman

Medway, 1968 c.

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[Not in Dia's collection: sure we want to include? Also, 'Untitled' here is capitalized per our old collection database, is this accurate? This image is missing a photo credit] Photo credit not needed for straight 2D reproduction of a flat work

Dan Flavin

Untitled [drawing for icon IV (the pure land) (to David John Flavin 1933–1962)], 1962

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