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<p>2010 visit to Robert Smithson's <i>Spiral Jetty</i> (1970) at Rozel Point, Box Elder County, UT.</p>

2010 visit to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970) at Rozel Point, Box Elder County, UT.



Art Council

The Art Council is a group of art supporters who gather for special events throughout the year that focus on Dia’s collection, exhibitions, and dynamic programming. Art Council members’ annual contribution of $5,000 provides essential support for exhibitions, projects, and public and educational programs.


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Director's Council

The Director's Council brings together a small group of patrons interested in deepening their relationship to Dia; in helping to sustain Dia’s collection, exhibitions, and programs; and in learning more about Dia’s diverse projects. Director's Council members are counted among Dia’s closest friends and supporters. Participation begins with a $25,000 annual gift, which provides pivotal general operating support for Dia.

For information about the Art Council or the Director's Council, please contact Sarah Zilinski, 212.293.5513 or szilinski @

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