Delcy Morelos

Opening October 6, 2023–July 2024, Dia Chelsea


Artist Delcy Morelos is developing a new commission for Dia Chelsea that takes soil, territory, and topography as its points of departure. For her installations, the artist will coat the surfaces of one gallery with dirt and stacked, soil-encrusted objects; in the other, she will build a mountainous earthen form. Morelos’s practice considers the interdependencies between natural and built environments through the framework of Indigenous relations to land. In these works, surface and volume converge through material accumulation and monochromatic expanse. Since 2012, Morelos has been interested in the cosmologies of ancestral Andean and Amazonian cultures, her own and others, focusing particularly on the sustaining powers of water and clay in these origin stories. Her immersive installations aim to cultivate moments of connection with what she describes as the “intimate humidity of the earth.”

Delcy Morelos is organized by Alexis Lowry, curator, Dia Art Foundation, with Zuna Maza, curatorial assistant.

All exhibitions at Dia are made possible by the Economou Exhibition Fund.


Delcy Morelos

Delcy Morelos was born in Tierralta, Colombia, in 1967. She lives and works in Bogotá.

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