Franz Erhard Walther

April 16, 2021, Dia Beacon


Franz Erhard Walther is recognized for his five-decade-long investigation into the spatial, sensorial, and temporal dimensions of forms. Radical in his emphasis on process rather than product, his participatory sculptures are intrinsically linked to his parallel drawing practice. Reflecting the importance of the body in his sculptural work, the artist’s drawings also bring focus to the physical act of creation. Spanning 10 years of Walther’s early creative output between the years 1963 and 1973, this collection-based display at Dia Beacon brings together 58 of his working drawings that relate to 1. Werksatz (First Work Set, 1963–69). It was for the First Work Set that Walther first explored the use of simple physical actions—pressing, folding, unfolding, and covering surfaces with malleable materials—as a sculptural principle, reimagining the work of art as an experience of action.

Franz Erhard Walther is made possible, in part, by support from Peter Freeman, Inc.


Franz Erhard Walther

Franz Erhard Walther was born in Fulda, Germany, in 1939, where he currently lives and works.

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