Larry Bell

Opening March 12, 2022, Dia Beacon


A leading figure of Southern California’s Light and Space movement, Larry Bell explores the intersections of light, color, and volume through glass. In the early 1960s he began experimenting with the perceptual experience that unfolds for the spectator as one encounters a sculpture in its environment by vacuum-coating panels of glass with metallic particles to create reflective and translucent surfaces and forms. This exhibition at Dia Beacon brings together a focused selection of Bell’s early sculptures from key small cubes to one of his first free-standing sculptures, Standings Walls (1968), now in Dia’s collection. These will be presented alongside Duo Nesting Boxes (2021), a new diptych conceived for Dia that references both the open-form autonomy of Bell’s standing walls and the geometry of his signature cubes. In keeping with Bell’s most recent interests in the apparent saturation and density of color, Duo Nesting Boxes consists of layered panels of green and blue glass.


Larry Bell


Larry Bell was born in Chicago in 1939. He lives and works in Los Angeles and Taos, New Mexico.

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