Maren Hassinger

Opening Fall 2023, Dia Beacon


Spanning over five decades, Maren Hassinger’s practice bridges fiber arts, installation, performance, and sculpture. Since the 1970s, after first encountering wire rope in a junkyard while pursuing her master’s degree in fiber arts, Hassinger has sourced and manipulated the material to both physically and conceptually tease out its organic attributes. Exemplary of this approach, Field (1983) is an expansive grid of individual bundles of industrial steel cable each held together by a cement base. The work evokes, as the artist describes, an “industrial field” where human-made products emulate nature in its absence. Installed in close collaboration with the artist, this context-specific presentation at Dia Beacon marks the first time Field has been exhibited in over thirty years.

Maren Hassinger is organized by Jordan Carter, curator, Dia Art Foundation, with Zuna Maza, curatorial assistant.

All exhibitions at Dia are made possible by the Economou Exhibition Fund.


Maren Hassinger

Maren Hassinger was born in Los Angeles in 1947. She lives and works in New York City.


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