Thomas Schütte: Gloria in Memoria

February 4–June 13, 1999, Dia Chelsea


Thomas Schütte's "Gloria in Memoria" is the second installation in a three-part presentation. Part I, entitled "Scenewright" (September 24, 1998, through January 24, 1999), focused on issues relating to scenography and theater; Part III "In Medias Res" (September 1999 through March 2000) will concentrate on the motif of the human figure in his recent work.


Thomas Schütte

Thomas Schütte was born in Oldenburg, West Germany, in 1954. He lives and works in Düsseldorf.

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Photo: Don Stahl

Thomas Schütte: Scenewright, Gloria in Memoria, In Medias Res

This book has been conceived with multiple critical perspectives focused on each of the three chapters of the exhibition.

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