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My Body is a Bog: an Olfactory Lecture by Camila Marambio

Dia Chelsea, May 22, 2024

Join us for a lecture by curator and writer Camila Marambio as she reflects on Morelos’s exhibition in relation to her own practice at the intersection of environmental humanities, decolonial nature conservation, contemporary art, and performance studies, with a particular focus on her research and conservation efforts of peatlands and coastal wetland ecosystems. For Dia’s forthcoming publication dedicated to Morelos’s soil-based works, Marambio and ecologist Renee Rossini contributed a text on peat, which is a revered material for the artist in this commission. The lecture is accompanied by a scent invocation and textual contribution by artist agustine zegers, inviting peatlands from various corners of the world into the space.

Video: My Body is a Bog: an Olfactory Lecture by Camila Marambio, Video

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