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September 10–October 27, 2021, Le Cinéma Club

September 10–October 27, 2021 

In conjunction with Lucy Raven’s exhibition at the newly reopened Dia Chelsea, Dia presents a series of film screenings in collaboration with Raven and Le Cinéma Club
Raven’s work explores cultural, material, and geographical conceptions of the western United States, with particular attention to cinematic representations of the region. For this collaboration, she invited artists to select films and video works that have both been influential to their own thinking and that also draw connections with Raven’s film Ready Mix (2021). These selections will culminate in a series of screenings, the first two of which will be hosted by Le Cinéma Club. 
The first guest artist is Michael Snow, whose film selection will be available until September 16 at Le Cinéma Club.


To view the work, visit the website here. 

Cityscape (2019)
HD Video (originally IMAX)
8:28, color, sound

Cityscape is one of the family of my works dealing with camera motion, an interest dating back to Wavelength. My friend Graeme Ferguson, one of the originators of IMAX, suggested doing a version of La Région Centrale (1971) in that format after seeing the film, but for me the idea held little interest. I felt La Région Centrale was complete and I had accomplished my purpose.

Years later, I was approached again to make a short film with IMAX, now in digital format. This time, instead of a landscape film, vast and unpopulated, I was interested in looking at my own city through a more linear view. The part of Toronto visible in Cityscape is actually rarely seen by its citizens. We seldom think of Lake Ontario at the foot of Yonge Street, but the skyline viewed from the islands just offshore is interesting. The title makes clear that the city is the subject.

In Cityscape, camera movements—panning and rotating at different speeds—activate the city skyline. The soundtrack is built on the “Amen Brother” drum break, which is central to Drum and Bass and Hip Hop, an expression of the energy of the city. The sound uses playback speed as a compositional element, rhythmically in sync with the camera movements.

Although Cityscape is shot in color, its muted concrete tones link closely with the material monochromatism of Ready Mix, composed with a striking tonal palette. In these and La Région Centrale, camera movement drives the structure subtly but in substantial ways. The latter is cosmic, spanning twenty-four hours and the entire firmament. Cityscape is an urban landscape and appropriately scaled. Ready Mix looks closely at the narrative of turning rock into concrete and is resolutely earthbound.

-Michael Snow

Michael Snow was born in Toronto in 1928 and is a filmmaker and artist.  

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