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Andy Warhol, Shadows

October 26–December 15, 2018, 205 West 39th Street, New York City


Andy Warhol’s Shadows (1978–79) was first presented by Dia in New York City in 1979. A single painting in multiple parts, Shadows is one of Warhol’s most abstract works, yet one that cohesively synthesizes key elements of his practice, including film, painting, photography, and screenprinting. Following its New York presentation at a temporary space in Calvin Klein, Inc.’s headquarters, from October 26 through December 15, 2018, the work reopened as a long-term installation at Dia Beacon in Beacon, New York, where the installation surrounds the viewer with a series of canvases presented edge-to-edge around the perimeter of the room, in conformity with Warhol’s original vision.

Shadows is on view at a specially built-out gallery space at Calvin Klein, Inc.'s headquarters at 205 West 39th Street.

Tuesday–Saturday, 11 am–6 pm

Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Admission is free

For more information, call 212 293 5566.


Please leave large bags/purses at home.

Children under the age of 12 must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times.

Strollers are permitted inside the gallery space.

Shadows is presented in an accessible gallery space. There is no public restroom.

Only working assistance and guide animals are permitted. Pets are not allowed.

•   Photographs for personal use may be taken in the gallery space.

•   Use of public space must not be disruptive to visitors. Please respect Dia property.

•   No wedding, event, or commercial photography permitted.

•   No flash photography or video is ever permitted.

•   No tripods or extension poles are ever permitted.

•   No photography in any one space for more than 5 minutes.

•   If you are uncertain if photography is permitted, please ask a Visitor Service Associate or Gallery Attendant before you take pictures.

Please be advised that photography is a privilege. Dia Art Foundation reserves the right to prohibit photography in any area at any time. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in visitors being asked to cease activities and leave the premises.


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh in 1928. He died in New York in 1987.

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Artists on Andy Warhol is the third installment in a series culled from Dia Art Foundation’s Artists on Artists lectures, focused on the work of artist Andy Warhol. It features contributions from Robert Buck, Glenn Ligon, Jorge Pardo, Kara Walker, and James Welling.

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