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Artists on On Kawara


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Artists on On Kawara is the sixth volume in a series that builds upon Dia Art Foundation’s Artists on Artists lectures. The contributors to this book explore the practice of On Kawara from various points of entry: Alejandro Cesarco uses a self-reflexive approach to the ideas of artistic legacy, influence, and work; Nancy Davenport contends with innocence and trauma in two of Kawara’s most influential series; Renée Green weaves a poetic relationship between the work of Chantal Akerman and Kawara; Annette Lawrence provides a close reading of the Today series and her own journals, grappling with what it means to keep time; Scott Lyall considers the experience and contingency of time, differentiating between thinking with and speaking about a work of art; Dave McKenzie stages a diaristic correspondence with Kawara; Bettina Pousttchi reflects on duration in art and the history of time keeping; and Haim Steinbach plays with Beckettian abstraction, absurdity, and repetition.

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5.25 × 7 inches
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Edited by Katherine Atkins and Kelly Kivland. Contributions by Alejandro Cesarco, Nancy Davenport, Renée Green, Annette Lawrence, Scott Lyall, Dave McKenzie, Bettina Pousttchi, and Haim Steinbach

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On Kawara

On Kawara was born in Kariya, Japan, in 1933. He died in New York City in 2014.

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