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Photo: Don Stahl

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Joseph Beuys: Arena—where would I have got if I had been intelligent!


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Consisting of one hundred panels containing several hundred photographs of Beuys, spanning the artist's career from the late 1940s to 1972, Arena—where would I have got if I had been intelligent! attains a monumental scale and the sort of grand design appropriate to an artistic summa; as such, the project amounts to a broad portrait of Beuys's artistic persona. It is here documented for the first time. The work is fully illustrated in 102 full-page color plates and 45 black-and-white comparative photographs. Essays by Pamela Kort and Christopher Phillips. Interview with Lucio Amelio. Introduction by Lynne Cooke.

Publication Details

Dia Art Foundation
Publication date
300 pages
9 x 12 in.
Publication credits
Edited by Lynne Cooke and Karen Kelly. Text by Pamela Kort and Christopher Phillips

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Joseph Beuys


Joseph Beuys was born in Krefeld, Germany, in 1921. He died in Düsseldorf in 1986.

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