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Geoffrey Young Audio from Readings in Contemporary Poetry

Dia:Chelsea, September 30, 2013

This audio was recorded at Dia:Chelsea on September 30, 2013 as part of Dia's Readings in Contemporary Poetry series.

Geoffrey Young was born in Los Angeles in 1944, and grew up in San Diego. He moved to Great Barrington, Massachusetts, in 1982, after spending time in California, New Mexico, and France. His small press, The Figures (1975-2005), has published more than 135 books of poetry, art writing, and fiction. His own recent books include All the Anarchy I Want (Lonely Woman, 2013), Dumbstruck (Yawning Abyss, 2013), Get On Your Pony & Ride (Non-Fiction, 2012), and The Riot Act (Bootstrap Editions, 2008). He is also the author of previous works, including Fickle Sonnets (The Figures, 2005), Lights Out (The Figures, 2003), and Cerulean Embankments (Living Batch Books, 1999). He has directed the Geoffrey Young Gallery for the last 22 years, as well as written catalogue essays for numerous artists. Geoffrey Young and Jack Kimball read that evening.

To hear Vincent Katz's introduction to Geoffrey Young, please click here.

Video: Geoffrey Young and Jack Kimball Video from Readings in Contemporary Poetry, Video

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