Three large reflective planes of gray sheet glass each mounted to a different white wall in large sunlit room with a polished concrete floor and windows.

Gerhard Richter

6 Gray Mirrors, 2003

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Trees blooming with cherry blossoms in front of a brick building with a large multipaned window.

Louise Lawler

Birdcalls, 1972/1981

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The side of an industrial building is painted with the words:

Lawrence Weiner


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Large bronze spider sits on cement floor in front of two brick walls with windows.

Louise Bourgeois

Crouching Spider, 2003

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A vertically oriented sculpture made of white metal parts that are twisted around an iridescent metal center rests on a wooden floor.

John Chamberlain

Daddy in the Dark, 1988

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Orange, gray, and blue text outlined in black placed high on a wall in a double-height industrial room. The text reads,

Lawrence Weiner

Declaration of Intent, 1969

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An industrial space is bathed in blue, pink, and purple light with skylights overhead. Five people stand, sit, or lay on small rectangular pillows on the floor. There are three minimal sculptures on the walls and a colorful abstract projection on the back wall.

La Monte Young  Marian Zazeela  Jung Hee Choi

Dia 15 VI 13 545 West 22 Street Dream House, 2015

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A wooden panel and beam push against each other to form an upright triangle that is held in place by heavy stones on a concrete floor. The sculpture sits in front of a brick wall.

Kishio Suga

Diagonal Phase, 1969/2012

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Two massive swathes of multicolored canvas are tied at various points and strung up from the ceiling of an airy, bright, white room. The canvases are painted and splattered with an array of vibrant, pastel, and metallic colors. The artwork floats above the floor. The left swathe of canvas is pinned to the wall at the bottom left, center, and right edges. The right swathe of canvas forms a semicircle with the arc facing away from the wall.

Sam Gilliam

Double Merge, 1968

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Wrapped in colored gels, fluorescent bulbs in sets of two are vertically placed on translucent scrims in the corner of a room with two doors that lead to similar rooms.

Robert Irwin

Excursus: Homage to the Square³, 1998/2015

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A roll of a rectangular-shaped, slightly transparent, and mostly black object extends from a white wall and rests on a wooden floor. A smaller, white, rectangular object also touches the wall and is placed above the black unrolled object.

Dorothea Rockburne

Intersection, 1971/2018

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A tall, light blue column with two slightly darker stripes toward its bottom is centered on a wooden floor in front of two white walls.

Anne Truitt

Landfall, 1970

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Black-and-white photograph of two brick towers with thick cylindrical bases, conical mid-sections, and thin cylindrical tops.

Bernd and Hilla Becher

Lime Kilns, Dieversburg, Holland, 1968

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A pile of teal glass on a concrete floor.

Robert Smithson

Map of Broken Glass (Atlantis), 1969

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Rectangular map of the world with flags embroidered on their respective countries and a border of letters and numbers.

Alighiero e Boetti

Mappa, 1972

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A black canvas with centered white sans-serif type that reads

On Kawara

MAR. 24, 1974, 1974

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High-contrast, black-and-white photograph of nearly empty, large factory room with chairs, desks, and books in foreground and vertical columns evenly spaced throughout room.

Vera Lutter

Nabisco Factory, Beacon I: July 19-22, 1999, 1999

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Many thin, long, neon blue lights are evenly scattered across the concrete floor of an industrial basement. Some lights are attached to the background walls.

François Morellet

No End Neon, 1990/2017

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A cement floor featuring cutouts in the shape of a square, a circle, and a rectangle spanning the length a large room.

Michael Heizer

North, East, South, West, 1967/2002

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Large, smooth, curved wooden shapes and cubes abutt and pile atop each other in the center of a room, with wooden panels and empty frames leaning on the walls, all stained a reddish brown.

Imi Knoebel

Raum 19, 1968

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