Three large reflective planes of gray sheet glass each mounted to a different white wall in large sunlit room with a polished concrete floor and windows.

Gerhard Richter

6 Gray Mirrors, 2003

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Large bronze spider sits on cement floor in front of two brick walls with windows.

Louise Bourgeois

Crouching Spider, 2003

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A vertically oriented sculpture made of white metal parts that are twisted around an iridescent metal center rests on a wooden floor.

John Chamberlain

Daddy in the Dark, 1988

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A wooden panel and beam push against each other to form an upright triangle that is held in place by heavy stones on a concrete floor. The sculpture sits in front of a brick wall.

Kishio Suga

Diagonal Phase, 1969/2012

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A roll of a rectangular-shaped, slightly transparent, and mostly black object extends from a white wall and rests on a wooden floor. A smaller, white, rectangular object also touches the wall and is placed above the black unrolled object.

Dorothea Rockburne

Intersection, 1971/2018

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A tall, light blue column with two slightly darker stripes toward its bottom is centered on a wooden floor in front of two white walls.

Anne Truitt

Landfall, 1970

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A pile of teal glass on a concrete floor.

Robert Smithson

Map of Broken Glass (Atlantis), 1969

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MOR_No End Neon, 1990/2017

François Morellet

No End Neon, 1990/2017

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Large, smooth, curved wooden shapes and cubes abutt and pile atop each other in the center of a room, with wooden panels and empty frames leaning on the walls, all stained a reddish brown.

Imi Knoebel

Raum 19, 1968

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Carl Andre

Sand-Lime Instar, 1966/1995

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A metal chair in the center of a large circular band, both suspended in an industrial space with concrete floor and white walls onto which the object casts a prominent shadow.

Bruce Nauman

South America Circle, 1981

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Four large concrete cylinders lie on their sides in the desert. The sun is casting a pink glow along the horizon of an otherwise blue sky.

Nancy Holt

Sun Tunnels, 1973–76

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MER_Teatro cavallo

Mario Merz

Teatro cavallo (Horse Theater), 1967

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Two men are working with tools in an enclosed dark space in this black-and-white image.

Max Neuhaus

Times Square, 1977/2002

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A large circular shape rests on a cement floor and consumes the visible space of a room with wooden ceiling beams and a light-colored brick wall in this black-and-white image.

Richard Serra

Torqued Ellipse I, 1996

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6 wooden boxes, each has 2 strips of wood forming a cross over a red or blue interior.

Donald Judd

Untitled, 1991

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A square, black painting of sixteen glazed, ceramic titles is placed on a white wall above a wooden floor.

Mary Corse

Untitled (Black Earth Series), 1978

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A horizontally oriented, tabletop-like, gray sculpture is suspended from the ceiling.

Robert Morris

Untitled (Cloud), 1962

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Red thread is suspended from the ceiling and runs along the floor at 90-degree angles in an industrial space.

Fred Sandback

Untitled (from Ten Vertical Constructions [rust red variation]), 1977–79

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A square space is barricaded by several vertical yellow fluorescent tubes and one green tube on the right.

Dan Flavin

untitled (to Jan and Ron Greenberg), 1972–73

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