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Gerhard Richter

6 Gray Mirrors, 2003

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Meg Webster

Copper Containing Salt, 1990

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Louise Bourgeois

Crouching Spider, 2003

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John Chamberlain

Daddy in the Dark, 1988

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Kishio Suga

Diagonal Phase, 1969/2012

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Dorothea Rockburne

Intersection, 1971/2018

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Anne Truitt

Landfall, 1970

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Robert Smithson

Map of Broken Glass (Atlantis), 1969

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François Morellet

No End Neon, 1990/2017

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Imi Knoebel

Raum 19, 1968

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Bruce Nauman

South America Circle, 1981

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Nancy Holt

Sun Tunnels, 1973–76

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Mario Merz

Teatro cavallo (Horse Theater), 1967

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Max Neuhaus

Times Square, 1977/2002

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Richard Serra

Torqued Ellipse I, 1996

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Donald Judd

Untitled, 1991

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Mary Corse

Untitled (Black Earth Series), 1978

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Robert Morris

Untitled (Cloud), 1962

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Fred Sandback

Untitled (from Ten Vertical Constructions [rust red variation]), 1977–79

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Dan Flavin

untitled (to Jan and Ron Greenberg), 1972–73

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