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Marina Tabassum in conversation with Naeem Mohaiemen

Dia Chelsea, September 17, 2022


In 1998 Diller + Scofidio created Refresh for Dia’s Artist Web Projects series. The work was centered around a dozen live webcams in offices around the world. Diller + Scofidio fabricated a narrative for each location to reflect on the effect of live video on everyday life.

For his Artists on Artists lecture, Naeem Mohaiemen has changed the number of sites, time span, and locations referenced in Diller + Scofidio’s project—from twelve offices to one (Marina Tabassum Architects), from one year to one day, and from Western cities to a two-room Dhaka office. The Apple icon from 1998 that was used in Refresh is replaced by the spinning color wheel. Certain signifiers are quixotically off-limits. Waiting for time to pass is the universal constant. 

The project will be accompanied by a conversation between Mohaiemen and Marina Tabassum. 

Video: Marina Tabassum in conversation with Naeem Mohaiemen, Video

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