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Dia Talks

On and Off-Screen Imaginaries: A Film and Video Program

Co-organized with Primary Information and Printed Matter
Thursday–Saturday, March 28–30, 2024, 12–6 pm, Dia Chelsea

Event details
Thursday–Saturday, March 28–30, 2024
12–6 pm 

Dia Chelsea
537 West 22nd Street 
New York, New York

Free; no registration required.

Co-organized by Dia with Primary Information and Printed Matter, this film and video program accompanies the launch of Sia’s first collection of essays, On and Off-Screen Imaginaries (2024). The selection of film and video works by Roddy Bogawa, An-My Lê, Simon Leung, Tiffany Sia, and Rea Tajiri illuminates Sia’s notion of the “no place,” a concept introduced in the book. As Sia writes, “no place” is a spatial “vision of locales whose specificities are blurred by invasion, violence, and hostility—contested territories, seized ports or battlefields, contact zones or port cities. . . . The “no place” cannot be known—it remains an enigma and lives on as specter.” These moving-image works will be on view in Dia Chelsea’s talk space from Thursday through Saturday, March 28–30, 12–6 pm

Rea Tajiri, History and Memory, 1991. 32 min.

Tiffany Sia, What Rules the Invisible, 2022. 10 min.

Roddy Bogawa, The Imagined, the Longed-for, the Conquered and the Sublime, 1994. 8 min.

An-My Lê, Small Wars, 2002. 5 min.

Simon Leung, Surf Vietnam, 1998. On monitors, looped.

A conversation between Tiffany Sia and An-My Lê on Thursday, March 28, 6:30 pm accompanies with the film and video program. In 2022, as part of Dia’s Artists on Artists Lecture Series, Sia delivered a lecture on Lê’s series Small Wars (1999–2002) and realized a filmic montage from the photographs that comprise it. 

The program is presented on the occasion of Dia and Printer Matter’s partnership on the forthcoming NY Art Book Fair, held from April 26–28, 2024. Dia is once again hosting the book fair’s Classroom Series. Full schedule of events to be announced.

Roddy Bogawa is a filmmaker living in New York.

An-My Lê is an artist and professor living in Brooklyn.

Simon Leung is an artist living in Brooklyn, New York, and Los Angeles.

Tiffany Sia is an artist, filmmaker, and writer living in New York.

Rea Tajiri is an artist and educator living in New York.  

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