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The name stanley brouwn displayed in helvetica.

stanley brouwn

Opening April 15, 2023, Dia Beacon

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A semi-circular set of wooden bleachers with eight rows and circular wood supports. Nine people are scattered around at various levels.

Rita McBride

Opening July 1, 2023–September 9, 2024, Dia Beacon

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Twenty-three canvases hang edge to edge and low to the floor along a wall and in the corner of a gallery.  Each canvas features an identical abstract mark painted in black, gray, red, green, yellow, peach, or blue.

Andy Warhol, Shadows

Opening October 2023, Dia Beacon

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Mary Heilmann

Mary Heilmann

Opening fall 2023, Dia Beacon

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A square grid of metal-looking sculptures, each with a round base and group of wavy metal rods rising vertically from each base and twisting together. A spotlight casts shadows on the white wall behind.

Maren Hassinger

Opening Fall 2023, Dia Beacon

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Multicolored, differently lit geometric forms sit in an unlit room to one side while a geometric grid is projected onto the opposite wall.

Keith Sonnier

Fall 2024, Dia Beacon

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Meg Webster

Opening early 2024, Dia Beacon

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