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Readings in Contemporary Poetry

Michael Lally and Brenda Iijima

Thursday, April 21, 2011, 6:30 pm, Dia Chelsea

Thursday, April 21, 2011, 6:30 pm
535 West 22nd St.
New York City

Introduction by Vincent Katz

Michael Lally


Brenda Iijima


Four moths, Thuringia

resistance developed quickly     eaten fields of vapor skyhold no
clouds thrashing     blinding sunscape nope, sun
    epithelial cells have lyse d     released un of s
gut cell membrane so when it licks it sickens     sun
sun when opening pathogen binding affinities
control screen with ravens set sun sun
oon-m         noon         sun

at(e) e(m) and you’ll die in(sect)icide

black fly vector     hector     horus

solubilized in eyes our eyes in vectors     suns

i bore a black beetle active

sun, i wore helmet membranes skin wings antennae

un, i gore (s) abhor where     once noose

animal, you’ve

phase whore boy your disparagement alpha helices [places]

sunscreen i mean mean [detrimental, mental, ‘mean’]

[cede] pregnancy bait wait pleasure gut cellular

wingless raven welter vector        sun [screens]

i mean i mean i’m a combination

larvae stopped feeding/host gut/tremor

breathing machines form in embryonic fluid, body be (fore)
circumstance glances whor-ses horses horses
we bet on the plumb winning torso
hooves index a circular track
when they’ll race you naked on the cul-de-sac
insects cheer at your success

liquid replicas

living cells are motives like color
to mirror your meat perception
jewelry and volume and canyon
inkling overlaps in image
“a creature”

                a jpeg the transgenetic cactus
(that she engineered, considers art), it sprouts human hair

there’s a hare named bunny (and it)
glows phosphorescent green

art envisions

what art envisions

tip a cell this way

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