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Rodney Koeneke and Fred Moten


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14/09/2018 18:30 14/09/2018 00:00 Europe/London Rodney Koeneke and Fred Moten Event DetailsTuesday, September 25, 2018, 6:30 pmDia:Chelsea535 West 22nd Street, 5th FloorNew York City  Free for Dia members; $10 general admission; $6 admission for students and seniors Advance ticket purchases recommended. Tickets are also available for purchase at the door, subject to availability.  Rodney Koeneke’s most recent book of poems, Body & Glass, was published by Wave Books in 2018. Other collections include Etruria (Wave Books, 2014), Musee Mechanique (BlazeVOX, 2006), and Rouge State (Pavement Saw Press, 2003). His work has appeared in the Brooklyn Rail, Fence, Granta, Harper’s, Harriet, Nation, Poetry, Zyzzyva, and elsewhere. An early member of the Flarf collective, he was active in the San Francisco Bay Area poetry scene until he moved in 2006 to Portland, Oregon, where he teaches in the history department at Portland State University. bercuse Adherent of storms and untimely weather, how you sleep where ashes are blowing. I bring my small light that kids use for comfort, pull up the ratty quilts until what isn’t closer doesn’t matter—night the executrix appoints, deletes patricians telling parents Rome is burning but is that right, blue satellite? Fred Moten teaches in the department of performance studies at New York University. His most recent work is the trilogy consent not to be a single being, which was published by Duke University Press in 2017–18. He and Stefano Harney are authors of All Incomplete, forthcoming next year from Minor Compositions/Autonomedia. In 2018 Moten received the Roy Lichtenstein Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and was named a United States Artists Writing Fellow. (an illuminated etymology) from come on, get it! group (n.)1690s, originally an art criticism term, "assemblage of figures or objects forming a harmonious whole in a painting or design," from French groupe"cluster, group" (17c.), from Italian gruppo"group, knot," which probably is, with Spanish grupo, from a Germanic source, from Proto-Germanic *kruppaz"round mass, lump, with an awkward dangling of sticks, a brutal angling of brushes," part of the general group of Germanic kr-words with the sense “rounded mass" (such as crop (n.), the roundness burred, vibed, pleated with ascots, bitter, like a sheaf of rabe or a rubbed rawness of the general sheaf. Extended to "any assemblage, a number of individuals related in some way" by 1736. Meaning "pop music combo" is from 1958 and numberless, neverones, a one and a two and a bridge. Round ass lump or lumpen is from 1976. Lumpen from lumen, or inside lip, a unit of luminous flux trilled in superfluid kisses, from an influenza of switches (such as crew (adv.). A broken way people be turning and sharply butterflying.     Dia:Chelsea FALSE DD/MM/YYYY FREQ=DAILY; Rodney Koeneke and Fred Moten